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Analyze to Realize

Life and thoughts....in general

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This was way back when I was in my 7th semester.

"The quality and the experience of a chat vendor is primarily decided by his expertise in preparing pani puri. This, I say with over 13-14 years of experience. Having tasted in a large variety of places..starting in B'lore, then largely in Hyd and once in Varanasi, I seem to have gained an art to judge them. The right mixture of am-chur, namkeen meeta, etc.. just pleades to be rated. Currently I am adicted to a place in DVG Road (in front of Krishna sweets), but my unquenchable thirst to taste the supreme one is yet unsatisfied."

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I doubt you have changed much since then :P

I was tempted to go check my first few posts on LJ and I should say that I am left in doubt. Was I a better writer then ? :D

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