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Analyze to Realize

Life and thoughts....in general

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Tell me whats wrong?
I haven't had any major issues with Vista Home Basic which I use on my laptop, but tell me what is wrong with the screen grab below.


Make it quick?

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apart from the time remaining for the download to finish.. is it vista installed on your laptop :P ??

:) Good one> But well ya!. I only have Vista installed on my laptop. Factory setting :)

Man..Vista is that slow? I'll stick to XP thank you :)

I don't remember if I told you but ThinkPad is coming out with notebooks with SuSE Enterprise Linux.

Yup, I've noticed the same problem using jpegs, it's because of the lossy compression algorithm used, try png.

Hmm..That is a nice feedback. Thanks!

This just looks as its not really. This is Microsoft technology used to calculate time / total space used by the file but unfortunately, it have some functions which requires revamping. I use Windows Vista Home Premium and this does not make things as in your case. I read many reviews about Vista being slow, but it is not the case, its just ?????? Vista is great!!!

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