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Analyze to Realize

Life and thoughts....in general

Samsung Galaxy Nexus - ThinkPad T61 - Windows 7 - Driver issue
Brief description about the problem:

In case you bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and your ThinkPad running Windows 7 does not recognize it when connecting using the USB cable, you can try the following.

First let me describe my environment. If yours is similar, then these steps should fix your problem as well.

My Environment:
  1. I bought my ThinkPad T61 exactly 4 yrs ago.
  2. Had blocked Windows Update for over 3 months.
  3. Got myself a Galaxy Nexus shipped to India even before Verizon released it in US.
  4. I run Windows 7 N (without Windows Media Player) on my laptop.
Issue I faced:

When I connected my Galaxy Nexus via a USB cable to my laptop, it simply failed installing the requisite drivers. It would detect that a new hardware is plugged in. Would attempt to get the necessary drivers from Windows Updates. And would eventually fail.

Once this step fails, you would see three devices in your Device Info unrecognized with question marks in "Others" category.
  1. Base System Device?
  2. Base System Device?
  3. Galaxy Nexus?
The attempt made by Windows to install the drivers failed but at the least recognized that there is a Galaxy hardware connected.

Elaborate description of the issue:

The two Base System Device needs to be identified by your laptop before you can get your GNexus recognized. Since my laptop is a tad old (I am assuming yours is as well), the necessary updates for USB were not installed. Hence a more recent hardware like the GNexus was not recognized. These updates to the USB chipset would fix the two Base System Device issue. Following which you can proceed to fixing the GNexus issue.

Step 1:
Follow this link to install Ricoh Multi Card reader chipset updates for your USB.

At the end of this installation your Base System Devices should not appear as unrecognized. First issue resolved.

Step 2:
Now that you have your hardware ready to accept GNexus you will have to do the following. Basically GNexus defaults to using MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) when it connects to your laptop. This protocol is something which Windows Media player uses as well. Unfortunately, I had installed the Windows 7 N version which does not include the Media Player by default. Hence download the latest Windows Media Player. This should give the necessary bridge to understand the MTP language which your GNexus uses to talk to your laptop.

Ideally you should be done here. Your GNexus should be recognized and you should be smiling ear-to-ear. But if not....read on....Not all hope is lost :)

Step 3: (Don't know if it helped but worth considering if the above two steps doesn't solve your issue)
I also installed Android SDK following the instructions given here. I don't think this helped. However you never know what combination of dlls and registry entries got my GNexus working. So give it a shot if yours is still not working.

Step 4: (Again, don't know if it helped but worth considering if the above two steps doesn't solve your issue)
I also installed the Samsung GNexus drivers. Again, not sure if this helped. Worth trying.

Step 5: (Again, don't know if it helped but worth considering if the above two steps doesn't solve your issue)
Get all the Windows Updates which Windows has to offer. Mandatory, Optional, Recommended, all of them. Infact one of the optional update is the Samsung Mobile MTP drivers. So it might help.

Let me know if this helped you.

Shinny and glossy - Presenting all new Perfios Mobile
For about 2 weeks now, we have been working on renewing the mobile browser experience of Perfios App. And this is what we have for you in version 2.0.


One of the challenges was to present the most meaningful data in the limited form factor we had. Having written apps for browsers the constant dilemma this transition posed was; what data to remove? How minimalistic should we get without lossing meaningful data? Some might want balance per transaction and some; categories. Some would want reports and some; a simple tabular data.

Hence in this version we have tried to present your financial data in as simplistic a fashion as possible. The idea is to hear from you and evolve as we go along.

We had limited availability of mobile phones. We were able to test it on iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod touch, Google Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia E66 (Opera Mobile) and Nokia C6 (Opera Mobile). We focussed on providing good interaction experience with lists as scrolling was the easiest on all these phones.

If you have the habit of tracking petty cash transactions or use Perfios Cash Register in any other form, you can now update your Cash Register from mobile. We have tried to keep data entry as lean as possible thus enabling quick entries of cash transactions. Hope those untracked evening snacks at office now get throughly tracked.

For easy accessibility, on iPhone, you can create a bookmark and add it to your Home screen for quick access. You can do the same on Android phones as well.

All said, now its your turn to give it a spin.

The roadmap for Perfios Mobile looks very exciting. Your feedbacks are most important as this new vertical takes shape. Buzz us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and let us know what you think.

Prague - A must see on your Euro Trip
A friend of mine was visiting Prague from Hungary. Hence I wrote this post to share with him my experiences with this amazing city.

1. In Prague you will need Czech Krouny's. Not euroes.
2. DO NOT convert large qty of euroes in the railway station. You will find one soon after you arrive on Prague. Convert only what is needed. Like say 50 euores or less than that. The service charge which is put in the railway station conversion counter is humongous. Like some 17% or something.
3. Always convert money in a bank. They have the cheapest service charge and very standard conversion rate.

Where to Stay:

1. Use http://www.hostelworld.com/. This is very good. May be at times you will find tripadvisor or some other site giving you slightly better rates. But really not worth the effort. We made all our booking thru this.
2. We booked in http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Hotel-Karlin/Prague/22175. Was placed a little inside the city. But was good. The locality looked like its a WWII torn area. I don't know why this locality looks like this. However, Prague is one of the very few cities which was not affected by WW and the most well preserved city in Europe.
3. I think breakfast is included. Else always pay in these restaurants and get breakfast. They are usually the cheapest and its best you get a good breakfast. And this place has a sumptuous array of food served in the restaurant beside the hotel.

Where to eat:

There is a nice little Indian restaurant right down the road. Folks are not Indians but the food is almost Indian. You will have to pay by the weight of the food you take. Good Hindustani classical music in the background.

Prague Old Town Square

How to travel:

1. I think we got a day pass. In case there is a 3 day pass. Get it. It gives you amazing liberty to travel at will.
2. The metro underground is a 2 min walk from this hotel.
3. There is a bank right after you get out of the underground metro. You can convert the money there.

What to see:

Your primary places to visit would be

1. Old town square.
2. See a ballet.
3. If possible also see an Opera (State Opera House is a good place. This is right opp. the place where the ballet takes place).
4. Both Ballet and Opera venues are right in the Old town square. Hence you won't miss it.
5. The Prague Castle.
6. Spend time at a Cafe.

Opera at the State Opera House

What not to do:

1. If possible avoid the cafes/restaurant studded in the Old town square. They are expensive and are for western tourists.
2. You will have to spend all your krounys while you are in this town. Hence plan your conversion. Remaining money can be spent on the train buying chocolates or coffee.

Ballet at Prague

Your ideal itinerary:

Day 1:

1. Take the first train into Prague. You will be in Prague by 12 or 1 noon.
2. Freshen up after you land up in your hotel.
3. Get lunch.
4. Head to Old town square. Time will be around 3 or 4 pm.
5. After spending time, walk straight up and get a seat for a ballet. (Or Opera). They are cheaper here and the quality performances are more pure and well preserved compared to Vienna or Salzburg where it has diluted due to tourists.
6. After getting tickets walk around Old town. Get coffee.
7. I think by 7 or so the event begins.
8. After the event get dinner.
9. Spend some more time in Old town square. Suck in the beauty.
10. Sleep.
Day 2:

1. Get good breakfast and start for Prague Castle.
2. You should be your way by 8:30 or so.
3. Pass by the Charles bridge.
4. This is mini climb so relax and climb.
5. Get a heat set for guide / narration. You will have to give them an id as deposit.
6. See the guard changing practice. Nothing great about this but nice to see.
7. Head down by 1:30 or so.
8. There are restaurants on the castle. But expensive.
9. On your way back get lunch. There is an Indian restaurant, which is bad.
10. Head down to Old town square.
11. Catch an Opera.
12. Get dinner.
13. Sleep.
Day 3:

1. We couldn't do the Petrin Hill funicular. If you have time, try this as well.

Interesting input mechanisms
In the last 6-8 yrs I have seen greater momentum and urge in the tech world to bring more intuitive input technologies than ever before. The recent one struggling to stabilize being Swype.

Going by Moore's law, if the processing components can decrease in size, the hardware form-factor interacting with this processing unit should also decrease. Then you question, "if nano-technology does find its way, will we have devices which we can hardly hold"? Scary.

Thanks to market as none would buy such a device. So where will it stop.

As I think further, if the input medium continue to be ruled by fingers, then the form factor can't be any smaller than the tiniest, lean fingers. However, before we reach such a stage, alternative input method would strive to achieve more accurate input success rates. Like Voice. Even before such input mediums find a stable place in the market, I think those industrial design engg. will strives to make it more intuitive - Telepathic - Minority Report, Surrogates. 

Just some rambling..

Remembering my first day at Perfios
It was January 4th, 2008 when I met Govi, Dchak and Santhosh at DChak's apartments - Ramya Residency. It was a brightly lit day, about 3:00 noon. After wading thru unfamiliar roads, I sighted Govi waving from the balcony of an apartment. I landed. Excitement flooded my nervousness.

The house had all I had dreamt of. Firstly, it was a house :) - I had always dreamt of a startup in a garage. Well, this was a house. You couldn't ask for something better!


I knew Govi and Santhosh from my Aztec days. I was briefly introduced to DChak when we tried to see if our timelines overlapped in Aztec but realized that it didn't.

Santhosh was in the hall. DChak asked him to pull up the latest release - v0.3 for a demo. Govi had spoken to me about this idea back in Nov 08 and I had a good understanding of what problem they were trying to solve, as at this point, I was recently married, and wanted to write a small app to manage my increasing monthly expense.

Back to the demo - what was funny was the size of the laptop which Santhosh used. It was a 12" squared Dell. Firefox popped up. And the green-yellow themed window loaded. It was blank in the middle. There was a tree on the left and Santhosh clicked on something and a chart came up. I said, "You already got a UI with charts. Wow! and its fully in flash, interesting!". He then clicked on the chart and this pulled up a table showing his Axis Bank summary. This is another story.

DChak and Govi were alternating, explaining to me their vision of the product. This is the point where the idea was growing on me. Innumerable flashes of what we could do, passed my mind. This excited me so much that I decided to be a part of Kubera Vault's growth - Perfios' older name. That's another story again.

After about 45 min, DChak gracefully showed me the three rooms and asked me to pick my place. The house had two balconies and lots of natural light. It had a very fresh feel to it. The kitchen was a modified pantry. There were more 2 ltr Pepsi and Sprite bottles filled with water than people working. I decided to fill up some of the red-lid perlpet jars with potato chips and junk food :). This thought spiced up the whole experience. DChak's room had a huge semi-circlar custom built computer table. Things were carefully arranged. There was some stationary, a printer, his desktop and a telephone. There was a three-level book shelf carpeting the tree walls of the room and had lots of interesting reads.

While looking around the house, moving from room to room, I had a big grin as if I was finally settled in my life.

I decided to take the bedroom. Govi was already working out of this place. It was a Friday and I told DChak that I would get my desktop the next day. DChak gave me a 5 page excel printout. Quiet a few features which we are still executing were already listed in it. He suggested that I pick up alerts & reminders and start with the backend (Java). This gave me a strange feeling - "A startup with such meticulous planning and structure". Well, I decided to play along....and the game is growing more interesting than ever.

Today is a very special day in the history of Perfios...

gg:Personal Finance software
I have seen folks talking about SEO and how seriously they take it. Interestingly, with us, there has been a very natural backlink which has built up thru various reviews and references.

And Perfios is in top ten if you Google for Personal Finance Software. 6th or 7th actually. Nice!

Introducing MyClients
We are releasing MyClients - a sister product to MyFinance today. This is the huge milestone for us. Perfios now has a variant one for you and one for your Wealth Advisor.

By far this is much superior to most of the Wealth Manager softwares out there.

If you want to follow the pace at which we are developing our products, tweet-follow-me.

We are out there!
So Perfios got picked again in one of the "top 10 Indian companies to look-out" for kinda review - Way to go!

Why am I happy though I have a running nose?
We got reviewed again by one of our customers. I am not going to say much. Read it for yourself.

What is our call?

I am highly impressed with their offering. I am an addict of Google products. It is the only service space where Google has no foot prints. Perfios would revolutionize Indian Personal Finance Space very soon as Google did with Gmail in email service. Though their revenue model is still unclear, I wish them all success.

Testimonials such as these is what we strive for !