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Samsung Galaxy Nexus - ThinkPad T61 - Windows 7 - Driver issue
Brief description about the problem:

In case you bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and your ThinkPad running Windows 7 does not recognize it when connecting using the USB cable, you can try the following.

First let me describe my environment. If yours is similar, then these steps should fix your problem as well.

My Environment:
  1. I bought my ThinkPad T61 exactly 4 yrs ago.
  2. Had blocked Windows Update for over 3 months.
  3. Got myself a Galaxy Nexus shipped to India even before Verizon released it in US.
  4. I run Windows 7 N (without Windows Media Player) on my laptop.
Issue I faced:

When I connected my Galaxy Nexus via a USB cable to my laptop, it simply failed installing the requisite drivers. It would detect that a new hardware is plugged in. Would attempt to get the necessary drivers from Windows Updates. And would eventually fail.

Once this step fails, you would see three devices in your Device Info unrecognized with question marks in "Others" category.
  1. Base System Device?
  2. Base System Device?
  3. Galaxy Nexus?
The attempt made by Windows to install the drivers failed but at the least recognized that there is a Galaxy hardware connected.

Elaborate description of the issue:

The two Base System Device needs to be identified by your laptop before you can get your GNexus recognized. Since my laptop is a tad old (I am assuming yours is as well), the necessary updates for USB were not installed. Hence a more recent hardware like the GNexus was not recognized. These updates to the USB chipset would fix the two Base System Device issue. Following which you can proceed to fixing the GNexus issue.

Step 1:
Follow this link to install Ricoh Multi Card reader chipset updates for your USB.

At the end of this installation your Base System Devices should not appear as unrecognized. First issue resolved.

Step 2:
Now that you have your hardware ready to accept GNexus you will have to do the following. Basically GNexus defaults to using MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) when it connects to your laptop. This protocol is something which Windows Media player uses as well. Unfortunately, I had installed the Windows 7 N version which does not include the Media Player by default. Hence download the latest Windows Media Player. This should give the necessary bridge to understand the MTP language which your GNexus uses to talk to your laptop.

Ideally you should be done here. Your GNexus should be recognized and you should be smiling ear-to-ear. But if on....Not all hope is lost :)

Step 3: (Don't know if it helped but worth considering if the above two steps doesn't solve your issue)
I also installed Android SDK following the instructions given here. I don't think this helped. However you never know what combination of dlls and registry entries got my GNexus working. So give it a shot if yours is still not working.

Step 4: (Again, don't know if it helped but worth considering if the above two steps doesn't solve your issue)
I also installed the Samsung GNexus drivers. Again, not sure if this helped. Worth trying.

Step 5: (Again, don't know if it helped but worth considering if the above two steps doesn't solve your issue)
Get all the Windows Updates which Windows has to offer. Mandatory, Optional, Recommended, all of them. Infact one of the optional update is the Samsung Mobile MTP drivers. So it might help.

Let me know if this helped you.

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I read about google nexus phone a year back and it was available in India. But for last few days i wandering that it is not available... How it is possible. I found the Samsung Galaxy Price but it shows its not available..... let me chk other sources

I had the same problem with Windows 7 Ultimate N, and it caused me headaches. I wasn't able to connect my galaxy nexus, so I followed your tip and installed Windows Media Player, and it magically worked. Thanks for the article it was very useful.

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