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Shinny and glossy - Presenting all new Perfios Mobile
For about 2 weeks now, we have been working on renewing the mobile browser experience of Perfios App. And this is what we have for you in version 2.0.


One of the challenges was to present the most meaningful data in the limited form factor we had. Having written apps for browsers the constant dilemma this transition posed was; what data to remove? How minimalistic should we get without lossing meaningful data? Some might want balance per transaction and some; categories. Some would want reports and some; a simple tabular data.

Hence in this version we have tried to present your financial data in as simplistic a fashion as possible. The idea is to hear from you and evolve as we go along.

We had limited availability of mobile phones. We were able to test it on iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod touch, Google Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia E66 (Opera Mobile) and Nokia C6 (Opera Mobile). We focussed on providing good interaction experience with lists as scrolling was the easiest on all these phones.

If you have the habit of tracking petty cash transactions or use Perfios Cash Register in any other form, you can now update your Cash Register from mobile. We have tried to keep data entry as lean as possible thus enabling quick entries of cash transactions. Hope those untracked evening snacks at office now get throughly tracked.

For easy accessibility, on iPhone, you can create a bookmark and add it to your Home screen for quick access. You can do the same on Android phones as well.

All said, now its your turn to give it a spin.

The roadmap for Perfios Mobile looks very exciting. Your feedbacks are most important as this new vertical takes shape. Buzz us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and let us know what you think.

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Its great tool for managing personal finance. Do you know how to record cash transactions. e.g. I withdraw cash from atm and then use it. How do I categories such transactions? Also, atm debit is already shown in the transactions, in that case is it viable to record cash expenditure?

You can find a category under Transfer called "Cash Withdrawal". If you mark your ATM withdrawals with this category, this transaction is also cross-posted as a Credit entry to your "Cash Register" account. Following which you can make debit entries as you spend that money. That way everything equates. Hope this helps. For more, do write to "support AT perfios DOT com".

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