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All this with no online promotion what so ever? have you tried comparing the no. of backlinks your company versus your competitor?
Also what other keywords would a potential buyer use? where are you ranked for them and google trends will help you understand how people actually searched for those keywords. I bet you know all this already :)

We do have some of those no. which you mentioned though not all of them. Yes GTrends is something we use. And no I do not know all of what you mentioned :). My colleague does most of this.

Hey do you want an invite?

And know for what...I am even scared to mention the event after what Preethi described :)

Thanks :) It is scary indeed :P but funny too. I have my ways of rebelling.
I guess your talking about the google wave? I'm not riding it, this person seems to have it Maybe some random act of kindness :D you never know :D

You are awesome! :) Thanks for the introduction :)

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