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gg:Personal Finance software
I have seen folks talking about SEO and how seriously they take it. Interestingly, with us, there has been a very natural backlink which has built up thru various reviews and references.

And Perfios is in top ten if you Google for Personal Finance Software. 6th or 7th actually. Nice!

All this with no online promotion what so ever? have you tried comparing the no. of backlinks your company versus your competitor?
Also what other keywords would a potential buyer use? where are you ranked for them and google trends will help you understand how people actually searched for those keywords. I bet you know all this already :)

We do have some of those no. which you mentioned though not all of them. Yes GTrends is something we use. And no I do not know all of what you mentioned :). My colleague does most of this.

Hey do you want an invite?

And know for what...I am even scared to mention the event after what Preethi described :)

Thanks :) It is scary indeed :P but funny too. I have my ways of rebelling.
I guess your talking about the google wave? I'm not riding it, this person seems to have it Maybe some random act of kindness :D you never know :D

You are awesome! :) Thanks for the introduction :)


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